Our Competences in Detail

tl_files/images/icons/Icons gross/icon_big_economics.PNGHealth Economics

Health economics evidence can make or break a product. A complete lack of it will almost invariably result in denial of “listing“ or “reimbursement“ by either public or private third-party payors around the world.

While terms like “cost-effectiveness“ or “value for money“ have been floating around for many years now, different jurisdictions understand very different concepts by them.

Our project team is supported by Prof. Dr. York F. Zoellner, an international Key Opinion Leader on health economical thought leadership and consulting.


  • HE advisory boards with top KOLs
  • Round table discussions and moderation
  • Podium presentations and staff training
  • Specialist country expertise: Europe, particularly Germany.
  • Specialist deliverables expertise: 
  • value dossiers
  • health economic models
  • protocols for health economic "piggyback" studies